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Located in Barcelona, capital of the spanish textile industry, JOSE FUSTER, S.A. is the exclusive Agent for the spanish market of some of the top worldwide textile machinery manufacturers.  

For over 30 years, we are devoted to supply to our customers the solutions and the machinery suitable to every need. From cotton ginning and woul scouring to fabric finishes, packing and palletizing, covering every stage of the spinning process.

Our experience allows the implementation of totally proven techologies to other industrial sectors, such as the food industry, paper industry, electronics, etc.

Our goal is giving each customer the equipment, machinery and accesories to make his world spin better.

We can provide equipment and solutions for:

Cotton  and other cellullosic fibers picking, transportation and ginning.

Wool scouring, blending and carding.
Man made and synthetic fibres pressing and cutting. 
Short, long and hard fibres preparation and spinning. 
Natural and synthetic fibres twisting and winding. 
Textile cutters. 
Reprocessed fibres blending, preparation and spinning. 
Handling, boxing, palletizing and management of warehouses. 
Textile laboratory equipment.
Dyeing, drying and weave finishing machinery. 
Non-woven and geotextiles machinery. 
Cotton gins pollution control.
General industry waste collection. 
Industrial air-conditioning, moisture and climate control
Equipment and machinery for food processing.



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