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The Total Testing Center

The new USTER® TESTER 6 redefines quality testing in spinning mills. It guides spinners to better productivity and profitability – ready for the era of Total Testing.

USTER® TESTER 6 is available as automatic and semi-automatic models.

Accurate laboratory test results from the USTER® TESTER 6 are the starting point. Then, real-time data from yarn clearers is added and even more benefits are possible as further USTER® instruments are connected to the system. All this information is integrated by the USTER® QUALITY EXPERT management tool – for direct analysis in the Total Testing Center.

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Our Products


From cotton ginning or wool scouring to the yarn bobbin. Spinning machinery for cotton, wool and other natural and synthetic fibres.


Textile air-conditioning and waste collection systems for weaving plants and knitting industries. 


Dyeing and Finishes
Printing calenders, dyeing machinery, dryers. Fabric finishes. Air-conditioning and waste collection systems.
Non-woven and Geotextiles
Guillotine splitters, Cutters, Cross Lappers, Needle Looms, Cards, Autolevellers, Blending bins, termobinding calenders, dust and waste filtration. 
Textile Accessories
Plastic tubes, cores, pins and pinning systems, pin strips for intersectings and combing machines, travelling cleaners, balers, guillotine splitters, cutters.


Control and Measurement
Fiber, yarn and fabrics testing and control instruments and equipment. Foreign fibres and strange materials detection and rejection systems. Moisture measurement and control. 
Automation and Packing
Automation and packing global solutions. Ends of line. Internal, external, aerial, surface and special automatic transportation for the industry. 
Treatment and Recycling
Dust and fumes filtration and treatment. Waste collection systems. Balers, guillotine splitters, cutters.  











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